Our Logo is unique in design and purpose.
The depth of this art is captured by the Logo with many facets which can be interpreted several ways.

Circle or ball

Several balls or circles are incorporated into the designed Logo.
The circle shape stresses the use of roundness or spiral flow against any other form.
Take note of the lines below from "The Secret of the Free Circle".

Yin Yang (Positive Negative)

 The black and white distinguishes the two powers in contrast to each other.
We seek to improve and progress towards infinity by means of mastering the powers of Yin,
 the negative power (yielding), and Yang, the positive power (asserting).
Sing Ong Tai Chi

The Posture Snake Creeps Down

This movement accentuates agility, balance, control and the accuracy of form.

Sing Ong

It means God's grace. It is an Alpha and an Omega. As it is to be one with God,
 the circle of Tai Chi has no beginning and has no end.

The Style

The style is from the Yang school handed down from the great Yang Lu Chan.
The posture is performed here by Master Yek. totally embodied in him and thus is our style today.

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