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Song Jin Huo Gu

Kompetanse Sertifikat Test

Additional Activities for Certification

Seminars in Sing Ong Tai Chi designed for each stage of the students development are offered as a part of the process of certification. Each student who wishes to move towards full certification must complete a series of seminars designed to increase their knowledge and skill.

Students who do not wish certification are also welcome to participate in the seminars.

5 Avslappende Øvelser

Song Shen

Kompetanse Sertifikat Test


Level 1

Kompetanse Sertifikat Test

Level 2

EKompetanse Sertifikat Test

Level 3

Kompetanse Sertifikat Test

Level 4

Kompetanse Sertifikat Test


Annual Re-examination to Maintain Certification

Sertifikater for å undervise  Yang Style 37 Short Form er utsted og bevilget
bare etter tillatelse av Master Lim.

Seminars in Tai Chi

A series of seminars have been prepared to help the student develop greater depth of knowledge and skill in the practice of Sing Ong Tai Chi. The seminars will cover history, philosophy, specific skill and general knowledge development in Tai Chi. All students are welcome to participate. Students wishing to proceed to full certification, however, must complete a minimum number of seminars. In the descriptions below, that minimum number is specified.

Series A (Song Jin Huo Gu)

This series of Basic Seminars is designed for students who are doing the 6 Relaxing Exercises, which focus on Relaxing the Tendons and Moving the Joints. Students who wish to complete certification must participate in a minimum of 3 Series A seminars.

Series B (Song Shen)

This series of seminars is designed for the student who has completed the 6 Relaxing Exercises but has not yet completed Level I of the Form. These seminars focus on Relaxing the Body. In order to participate in these Seminars, the student must have completed at least 3 of the Series A seminars. Students wishing to go on to full certification must complete a minimum of 3 Series B seminars.

Series C (The Form)

These seminars are designed for the student who has completed at least Level I of the Form. In order to participate in these seminars, the student must also have completed at least 3 of Seminar A and 3 of Seminar B. This is an advanced study group for those who wish to study Sing Ong Tai Chi to a greater depth and therefore it will be continuous and on-going. It is designed to continue the student’s self-improvement and as preparation for those who would become instructors of Sing Ong Tai Chi. There is no minimum number of Series C seminars required for full certification, as certification will come when the student is ready and prepared.

Master Lim

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